People Are Complaining About Sony’s Digital Refund Policy After Trying to Get One For No Man’s Sky

no man's sky 02

If you are one of the people who bought Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky from Sony’s PlayStation Store, and didn’t really like the game after giving it a shot, well, getting a refund has some weird rules.

According to PlayStation user Blastiel, he bought the game through the PS4’s digital store, and after playing it for a few hours and experiencing multiple crashes, he decided to contact Sony’s customer support and ask for a refund. However, it’s not that easy to get one, since the refund locks your console from running that specific game forever. Not even if you bought it physically.

“I was told I couldn’t re-buy it off the store digitally, and I couldn’t buy a physical copy because whatever system they employ in the background wouldn’t let me run it. They delete the license from your account, and that seems to put a block on it.”

Sony responded to the statements by saying that they are investigating refund incidents, and that there is no such feature that locks the player from playing that game at a later date.

We are aware that some players have been experiencing issues whilst playing No Man’s Sky. The development team have been working very hard to address these issues and published a patch yesterday which resolved many of the reported bugs.

For those who continue to experience problems, we would advise in the first instance that they report their issues so that the team are aware and can work to fix them. The team at Hello Games are continuing to monitor the situation, and an additional patch is expected at the start of next week to further improve and address identified bugs.

Players are entitled to receive refunds in line with the published refund policy on

In instances where players receive a refund, they will of course be able to re-purchase the game at later date and play.