Arkane Studios Reveal “You Can Literally Play Without Killing a Single Person” in Dishonored 2


Arkane Studios is trying a lot of new things with Dishonored’s sequel, while still trying to maintain the same fundamental experience.

Creative Director of Dishonored 2 Harvey Smith sat down with PlayStation Access while at QuakeCon 2016, and he discussed several aspects of the game. During the discussion, he talked about the level design and the new ways players can approach each mission, even if you don’t want to kill anyone at all.

“Each mission is like a mini open-world, right? That’s what we like, we like to do the mission style so we can leave it behind and go to a totally new setting, but while you are in it, it”s very open and non-linear. You can play high-chaos or low-chaos, even as Corvo, you can invest in one set of powers or another set of powers. You can play very violently, or very stealthily. You can literally play without killing a single person.”

The game will also offer a new mode, where you play with no powers at all, titled “Flesh and Steel.” Dishonored 2 releases on November 11 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.