Dishonored 2 Dev Details How They Improved on the Original Game’s Assassin Ability Upgrades


Arkane Studios has talked several times about the ways they changed and improved several aspects of the original Dishonored while working on its sequel.

Creative Director Harvey Smith spoke with Gamespot recently, revealing some of the ways they expanded on the already existing powers. One of the examples he mentioned was the Devouring Swarm ability, which allowed you to call on a swarm of rats to attack your enemy and help you dispose its corpse.

In Dishonored, you took the power, and there was one upgrade for it. Usually, that upgrade was: It works for a little bit longer, or it works a little faster. This time, we really wanted to do something more interesting than that, so we took the power, we gave you a good basic package of the power, and then we said, “How many different ways can we upgrade it?” We tried not to have symmetrical trees. We don’t care about, “Each [power] has three [upgrades],” or whatever. We say, “Whatever tree is under that power, based on what we can come up with, fine.”

Dishonored 2 releases on November 11 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.