We Happy Few Dev: “We’ll Be Changing Some Aspects of the Story Campaign” Depending on Feedback


We Happy Few is currently in its Early Access stage on Xbox One and PC, and its developer Compulsion Games is going to alter the story depending on players’ feedback.

Chief Operating Officer of Compulsion Games Sam Abbott recently sat down with DualShockers, and discussed several things, one of them was the studio’s reaction to how players respond to the game’s story.

In the background, we’re working on the story, which will be added as another layer on top of the procedural world.  The story campaign is really a collection of linear missions and cutscenes (like any game), and adding it into the world is as simple as flicking a switch.

In terms of actual balance, we’ll be changing some aspects of the story campaign (for example rewards, difficulty, etc) based on player feedback of the procedural world. That way we get the best of both worlds – a well play-tested and replayable procedural survival game, and an exciting, free story.

We Happy Few releases fully next year, and it’s a good sign to see Compulsion Games reacting to the players participating in the Early Access period.