Bethesda Explains New Prey Game’s Name Even Though It’s Not a Reboot or a Sequel


We saw the announcement of Bethesda’s upcoming Prey game a couple of months back, and people started speculating whether it’s a remake, a reboot or even a sequel of the original game.

Creative Director at Arkane Studios Raphael Colantino explained the studio’s decision to go with this specific name more clearly when he sat down with GameSpot, saying that it has sort of the same elements as the first one.

Well it was a matter of, first of all it’s hard to find a name for a game, and it’s a good name–sounds good. I think the association that people have about Prey is that it’s about aliens on a space station, and it’s a first-person game. When we were done with Dishonored, part of the team did Dishonored 2, and the other part [of Arkane]… we wanted to do another one of those games that we usually do, which are in first-person, with depth and simulation and narration, all that.

This time we wanted to make it on a space station, with aliens, and you had to survive with the full ecology, etc. As we started it, the name was available, and the connections were easy to be made. We just thought, ‘Okay, makes sense,’ so there we go.

[T]he high level concept is similar enough that it made sense to do that.

Prey is scheduled to release next year, with no set launch date yet.