BioWare Believes MMO Market “Is Much Bigger Than It Ever Has Been Before”


Massively Multiplayer Online games, MMOs for short, has always been in the industry, and some of them generate millions of dollars till this day for their developers. However, a portion of the industry believe the genre’s dead.

Director of Star Wars: The Old Republic and the Lead Designer behind Baldur’s Gate 1 & 2 James Ohlen was in a recent interview with MCV, in which he discussed the topic and said that people often see MMOs as “hardcore PC games.” He continued to refer to The Division and Destiny as MMO games, but “they just don’t call themselves that.”

The MMO genre is much bigger than it ever has been before – it’s just that people misunderstand what the genre actually consists of now.

If you think about it, everyone thought about [MMOs] as hardcore PC games, but the genre now includes two of the biggest new IP launches of the last three or four years – The Division and Destiny. Both are MMO games, they just don’t call themselves that.

If you’re familiar with MMOs and play them, you know that’s exactly what they are. It’s expanded into mobile games, you have a lot of games that are essentially MMOs on smartphones. It’s just expanded beyond the classic PC MMO.

Do you believe that Destiny and The Division are MMO games?