Dishonored 2 Dev Made Sure Everything Emily Kaldwin Does Reflects Her Status as Empress


Developer Arkane Studios’ made sure that not only every move Dishonored 2’s protagonist Emily Kaldwin does should reflect her status as empress, but her clothes, her style, her weapons and everything related to her should do the same.

In a new blog post, members of the studio talk about the character evolution they had to do for Convo and Emily. Creative Director Harvey Smith clarified that they Emily’s design depended on three pillars: Dunwall, Empress and Assassin. These pillars had to be reflected on to her.

“Except for this one tragic moment during the rat plague in the first Dishonored, Emily’s had a pretty good upbringing. She’s had the very best tutors. She wears the very best clothes. She’s protected (and, perhaps, sheltered) like none other in Dunwall. In short, she has lived the privileged life of an Empress. However, Emily was not only raised by Corvo but trained by him as well. “Corvo assumed that some day Emily’s enemies would come for her with knives out,” Smith says. “So she has the potential in Dishonored 2 to become an assassin.”

“Emily doesn’t wear rags, she wears an asymmetrical-cut jacket with gold embroidery befitting someone who grew up in a palace. She has taste and she has the finest tailors working for her.”

“When she’s carrying a pistol or a crossbow, they need to look like they were made by the finest craftsmen in the Empire of the Isles.”

Dishonored 2 releases on November 11 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.