Destiny’s Weekly Update Prepares Game for Rise of Iron Expansion


Bungie always makes sure to release regular updates for Destiny, and this week is no different, since this week’s update lays the foundation and prepares the game for the upcoming Rise of Iron expansion.

Community Manager David Dague released a blog post, and in it he explains the purpose behind Update He also mentioned the reported BEAVER errors, and reassured fans that they aim to fix it as fast as they can.

Behind our closed doors, this is described as taking something out of development and putting it into production. Once we do that, the game is yours to play. Before we do that, we need to lay new foundations. That’s what Update was all about. We’ve unleashed the first real precursor to your next adventure. When we’re adding to a world that’s alive, however, these maneuvers can create some turbulence.
In the midst of our roadwork, we felled a few trees. It’s really the fault of those BEAVER errors we unleashed. Fortunately, when we break something, we aim to fix it as fast as we can. That’s what Hot Fix was all about. If you’re playing on current generation consoles (like PS4s or Xbox Ones), the fix was deployed at 11AM Pacific. If you’re on a Legacy Console, help is on the way. Stay tuned for announcements on when the deployment will be primed and ready for PS3 and Xbox 360.
Destiny: Rise of Iron releases on September 20.