Layers of Fear Ending Won’t Affect Inheritance, Six New Tracks Added, Length & More Info Revealed


Developer Bloober Team revealed several new information regarding Layers of Fear’s upcoming DLC, Inheritance.

We recently sat down with Bloober Team’s PR Manager Rafał Basaj, and he revealed a number of interesting new details regarding the upcoming Inheritance DLC. It won’t depend on the main game’s ending, but it’s highly recommended to finish it first before diving into Inheritance.

Although Inheritance expands the plot from the base game, shedding some light  on  events  left  open  for  interpretation,  it’s  mostly  the  daughter’s  story   and   her perspective  on  living  in  a  dysfunctional  family.  Everything you  discovered  while  playing Layers of Fear will be important for understanding the new story and it’s highly recommended that you finish the base game before you launch the DLC.

It actually doesn’t matter which of the three endings you have reached in Layers of Fear – the daughter was already away from home when the base game plot has ended. It’s her perspective that we focus on  – her experiences that she had to endure and to what future they will lead her.

When asked about if they added any new soundtracks to the game, he revealed that they added six in total, composed specifically for Inheritance.

There are 6 new tracks composed for Inheritance.

Layers of Fear took around four to six hours on average to finish, and Inheritance might take you the same time, since it’s “constructed differently.”

Inheritance is constructed differently – you won’t be able to rush from room to room, completely disregarding anything on your path, so the game might feel as long as Layers of Fear for some. Furthermore, we have prepared multiple endings in the expansion that add a lot of replayability  to  the  game.  People  who  will  take their  time  exploring the content of Inheritance will most definitely enjoy a longer experience.

Stay tuned for the full interview later today. Layers of Fear’s Inheritance DLC releases on August 2nd.