Cannon Brawl Is Coming to PS4 and Xbox One In August


Developer Turtle Sandbox originally released their 2D real-time strategy slightly-cartoonish game, Cannon Brawl, back in 2014 for PC.

Turtle Sandbox and BlitWorks teamed up to port the game over to Sony’s PS4 console. BlitWorks is known for helping developers port their games over to the PS4, and their portfolio include games like FEZ, Don’t Starve and Spelunky.

Cannon Brawl will be available for download through the PlayStation Store and the Xbox Live Marketplace for $9.99/€9.99. The game allows you to control different weapons, such as airships, fighter jets, cannons, lasers, grenade and many more, to destroy your enemies.

Cannon Brawl also includes a 20-mission long campaign, as well as a multiplayer mode that supports local and online play. More details below:

The game is all about defending your castle and attacking your opponent’s one. You have a wide array of weapons to choose from and you place them on the territory while piloting an airship. All this happens in real-time, so the battle is intense, and every match evolves in a surprisingly different way.

There’s a campaign mode where you can learn the basic rules, but where the game really shines is when playing against your friends, either online or – perhaps even better – in the comfort and warm atmosphere of your couch.

Some key details:

  • Single player: You can play across five unique worlds unlocking five different characters and more than 15 weapons in the Campaign mod
  • Local and online multiplayer: Use all the weapons you gathered in amazing 1v1 battle
  • Destroyable terrain: With lasers, giant flamethrowers and huge cannons you’ll get to destroy the earth under your enemy’s feet!
  • Totally new genre: Original blend of 2D Artillery and RTS

Cannon Brawl releases on August 2 in North America and August 3 in Europe for PS4, and for Xbox One on August 5.