Epic Games Handed Out 27,000 Temp. Bans For AFK Paragon Players and Cheaters


Developer Epic Games is trying to improve their MOBA, Paragon, as much as they can, and with the planned update and enhancements, it sure will.

In a recent developer blog post, which discusses the game’s state, penalties and more, they revealed how many players have received temporary bans for being Away From Keyboard (AFK) or harming other players’ experiences in general.

Bad Actors

As our population has grown, and knowing PS+ was coming, we spent time on improving tools for penalizing players who harm the experience for others. One of most harmful is the AFK player, who ruins the experience for nine other players.

Since PS+ started we have sent out:

  • 26k one-day ban
  • 1k three-day bans

Penalties are enforced with escalating severity, so that offending players have a chance to learn about the rules and understand what to expect. We are committed to improving the play experience for our dedicated players.

Invalid Matches

We recognize the frustrations of having players AFK early on in a match and be stuck playing a 4v5 for 30 minutes. To help alleviate some of the pain, we are working on an “Invalid Match” solution that will allow the remaining players to leave and re-matchmake without penalty. This feature is currently scheduled to hit as soon as v.31.

Update v.29 will nclude changes to Casters, Rangers, Fighters, game’s length and much more.