No Man’s Sky Soundtrack Will Get Bigger After Launch; Music Changes Depending On The Planet

no man's sky 03

Developer Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky is approaching fast and the band responsible for the game’s soundtrack, 65daysofstatic, are planning to add more songs “over the next year.”

In a recent interview with DualShockers, 65daysofstatic’s Joe Shrewsbury, who is the band’s guitarist reveal some interesting information about their plans to expand No Man’s Sky’s soundtrack.

I think we will add more music to the game though: I think there’s going to be an ongoing relationship with the game. Which again, is like so far out to me as a musician that you write the music, and then you capture it when you think it’s at its best, and then you release it as an album. And of course, those compositions continue to evolve in the live arena, but in terms of records, they’re snapshots of a time and place. But games are sort of different, you know, they’re updating stuff: it’s such an interesting concept.

I think we will add some content over the next year if we’re given the chance. But you know, the procedural side of that is more a part of that conversation happening in that technology – like, it does something that I think hasn’t been done before, but I think there’s stuff people are gonna achieve in the future. I think Paul Weir, whose written the software for the game, has achieved something really, really special, but we all are aware that, you know, it’s not about making the definitive thing. It’s just about being part of the ongoing journey, I suppose, into some human future.

When he was asked if the music will change depending on what planet you’re on or you’re surroundings, he provided the following answer:

Oh totally, yes. Depending on what’s happening in the game, the music will respond: the music will also be making fairly unique iterations. There’s stuff in there that has echoes of other pieces of music, but for the most part, the music will be reacting to what you’re doing and it will also be fairly unique. In that sense, it succeeded: it’s pretty cool.

No Man’s Sky releases on August 9th exclusively for the PlayStation 4.