System Shock Remastered Is Coming To PS4; Release Window Set For 2018

System Shock 1 Remasterd

Developer Nightdive Studios talked before about how they are in talks with Sony to bring the remastered version of System Shock to the PlayStation 4, and looks like they got a positive answer to their request.

The studio released an update on their Kickstarter page to announce the good news, while mentioning that one of the reasons they tried so hard to get it on Sony’s console is due to “the overwhelming demand for PS4.”

When we launched this Kickstarter, supporting PS4 was a possibility, but we hadn’t started talking to Sony just yet about it. We were all focused on wrapping the demo up and prepping the Kickstarter. We already had strong contacts at Microsoft from prior projects, so supporting XboxOne was less of an unknown. After we saw the overwhelming demand for PS4, we reshuffled our priorities and focused on talking to Sony about making that happen. After a few weeks and lotttts of emails, we are officially on track for bringing System Shock to the PS4! No stretch goal for it. We’re adding it in as a thank you to our backers that put their faith in us.


There is still some stretch goals for the campaign to conquer as the Kickstarter is currently sitting at $1,092,853, with 7 days to go.