Latest DOOM Update Aims To Balance A Bunch of Multiplayer Weapons


Bethesda just released a new update for DOOM that aims to balance out a number of weapons used specifically in the game’s multiplayer mode.

Here are the list of weapons affected by the update:

Combat Shotgun and Super Shotgun

We slightly reduced effective range for both the Combat Shotgun and the Super Shotgun, so players will need to be closer to their targets to deal the most damage. We also adjusted the speed that players can switch away from these weapons to prevent a player-identified exploit for massively shortcutting reload timings when paired together.


The player is no longer slowed down for spinning up their weapon, allowing them to evade within an encounter at a speed that matches the other weapons.

Plasma Rifle

Increased the rate of fire so that players are able to hit more targets more consistently, but also dropped damage slightly to compensate. This should be a much more effective “hose” tool for the player as long as they can stay on target.

Heavy Assault Rifle

Slight increase to how quickly the player can draw the weapon, which should allow players to use it more effectively when reacting to incoming long range threats.

It’s always nice to see developers responding to their users’ feedback.