DICE’s General Manager Really Excited For PS4 Neo, Xbox One Scorpio; Will Allow Dev To “Crank It Up”


Ever since Sony and Microsoft made their announcements and revealed the upgraded consoles, PlayStation 4 Neo and Xbox One Scorpio respectively, developers and publishers have mixed feeling on the subject.

In an interview with Metro UK, DICE’s General Manager Patrick Bach is one of those people who is really excited to get his hands on these brand new consoles as soon as possible, so he can start cranking up the studio’s games. EA DICE’s most anticipated game is Battlefield 1, and through all the gameplay videos we have seen released, we can clearly see that they always try to squeeze out all the technical ability a platform can give them.

I think in general, I’m actually right now most excited about the hardware announcements.

Yes, but very late. So, I was actually surprised myself. [laughs]

Yeah. [laughs] So I got really happy. I can’t wait to get my hands on that!

Since we are on PC this is not a problem for us, we just scale. We just crank it up. When we build the games we build them here [indicates one end of a line with his hands], and then the PC that you can buy today is here [indicates slightly further down the line] and the question is just where are the consoles on this scale? So if they give us a better console we just crank it up and it’ll be more awesome.

We are all excited to see what PS4 Neo and Xbox One Scorpio will bring to the industry once they are out.