Three New Competitive Multiplayer Maps Included In Battleborn’s Upcoming Update



Developer Gearbox is doing its best to make its hero-based multiplayer arena shooter, Battleborn, be a little more attractive.

The studio announced that Battleborn is getting a new update on July 20th, which will include three brand new competitive multiplayer maps. Each of these three maps will be available in a specific mode, for example Monuments can be played in the Incursion mode.

Here is everything you need to know about the three new maps:

Incursion Map – Monuments

Ekkunar, the last large green planet in the universe, has always been highly contested by those fleeing the darkened universe. All five factions have attempted settlements and bases on the planet, vying for territory and resources.

There are many points of interest on Monuments that hold strategic importance including…

  • There is a Skill Jump path over the middle of the map leads to your first sentry, and you’re going to want to defend this point aggressively. If left unguarded, agile enemy players can sneak in easily at this spot and get access to your sentry.
  • A high ledge overlooks the Minion lane entering your first sentry, and is a perfect place for a long-rage character to dominate. As a bonus, there’s a nearby Shard that can be farmed when your sniper isn’t raining pain down from this perch.
  • You’ll want to keep your Logistics nodes built and maintained to keep your Minion waves running at top speed.
  • Keep an eye out for a back route to sneak into your enemy’s Boss Sentry area.

Meltdown Map – Outskirts

Despite a planet-wide Thrall rebellion, Minrec has established a new recycling/appeasement facility in the lower city slums of the Jennerit planet, Tempest. Your team must race against the enemy to hurl minions into the incinerators and cause a meltdown to appease Minrec.

Outskirts has a number of key points you’ll want to be aware of, including…

  • Key turrets in the backfield of the map become increasingly important during the second half of the match. Outskirts has very strong sightlines for these backfield buildables, so you’re going to want to keep them up and running.
  • You’ll want to build your Super Minions before the enemy grinders move. Getting Super Minions all the way to the back grinders will be difficult.
  • Make it a point to claim the second floor of the Mausoleum in the center of the Slums lane. It’s an easy point to defend, and gives you control over the lane if you own it.

Capture map – Snowblind

The Peacekeeper Ocoban Mining Facility has been freed from Varelsi and Imperium control on the icy moon Bliss, thanks to the Battleborn! Now, race other teams to help rebuild the base by activating the energy collectors to re-power the facility. Look out, though! Winning reconstruction contracts can be a competitive and brutal affair!

  • On Snowblind, Point C is the most remote capture point but also the most important. It offers some of the strongest defense and longest sightlines into the rest of the map.
  • For long-range characters, hanging out at Point C will give you a clear view of nearly half the map.
  • If the enemy team owns Point C, use the bridge in the center map to pick them off with some long-range and careful shooting.