ESPN Deemed Street Fighter V’s Rainbow Mika’s Costume Too Sexy; Player Had to Change Attire


Capcom has received a ton of backlash for Street Fighter V’s Rainbow Mika, and even at the EVO Tournament, this criticism didn’t stop.

Yesterday, EVO 2016 saw the crowning of Infiltration as the first Street Fighter V champion, however, things didn’t go too well for second-placed Fuudo, who was forced to change his character’s attire because it was deemed “too revealing” by ESPN.

Ryan Harvey, who acted as the Japanese interpreter during the championship, had to explain the situation to the Street Fighter V pro player, and he shared his own thoughts on the matter on Twitter.

What do you think of this? Do you think ESPN had the right to force Fuudo to change his character’s attire just because they think it’s “too revealing”?