P.T.-Inspired Horror Game Visage Will Support VR, Motion Capture Featured And More


Developer SadSquare Studio released a development update concerning their upcoming P.T.-inspired horror game, Visage.

Visage is a survival horror game, set in a haunted house where you will be able to roam around and try to find out what happened to its residents. The player will be shown how each member died in this terrifying house through a visage, which explains the name.

The studio revealed how development is going through a Kickstarter update, and it had some interesting details on how things are going. The development team was able to get its hands on an Oculus Rift and a HTC Vive, and apparently, Visage will now support VR.

Here is a summary of the announcement:

VR: It’s Happening!

We’ve had our hands on most of the VR kits for a while now, and we’ve tried the game on both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Sadly enough, there aren’t any words to describe the feeling of beingin the Visage house with VR on, so I’ll just keep it simple, it’s awesome. VR is going to redefine the boundaries of how scary a horror game can be, and I sincerely can’t wait to see new developers get on with it (there’s already Resident Evil 7 to look forward to).

MoCap Solution

You’ll be happy to hear that Visage is going to feature MoCap animations. We’ve got our own solution at the studio! For those who aren’t too technical, it means that our characters’ animations are going to be of top notch quality, making the Visage universe more believable than it could ever be with custom, hand-made animations. Hurrah!

Sounds, Sounds, Sounds!

We’ve also been working a whole lot on sound design this month, with the help of sound designers from SilverJack Studio, and from the lead sound designer of Outlast, Jonathan Wachoru (another Jonathan, yup). Let me tell you something: your ears will be pleased.