Destiny: Rise of Iron Cosmodrome Stream Announced; Legacy Consoles Support Ends Next Month


Bungie is cutting off support for last-generation consoles unfortunately. They also announced the time and date of their upcoming Cosmodrome Winter Tour livestream.

The studio revealed that starting from August 16th, “Legacy Consoles will no longer receive major Destiny updates or content releases,” nor will they feature shared character progression between the same console family.

Starting August 16th, 2016, Legacy Consoles will no longer receive major Destiny updates or content releases. On this date, the Account Import process will become available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Consoles. From this date forward, progression will no longer be shared between console generations within the same console family.


Bungie is also trying to use Twitch more often, that’s why they have a set date for a Cosmodrome Winter Tour, set on Wednesday, July 20th, 10AM Pacific on the studio’s channel.

This will not be an incursion into the Plaguelands. That’s for later. Before your adventures into new territories begin, you’re invited to join us for an exploration of how the world you know has changed with the passage of time.
Destiny’s upcoming Rise of Iron expansion releases on September 20 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.