World of Warcraft: Legion Animated Series Harbingers To Debut First Episode At SDCC


San Diego Comic-Con is about a week away, and Blizzard Entertainment has announced that they will showcase the first full episode of the new World of Warcraft: Legion animated series, Harbingers.

The panel will be held on July 21st, between 3:30 and 4:30 PDT, in which they will show the episode and host a Q&A session to answer “all your burning questions about the Burning Legion,” featuring World of Warcraft Narrative Designer Dave Kosak, Senior Art Director Chris Robinson, Senior Creative Director of Brand Marketing Matt Samia and last but not least, Director of Story and Creative Development James Waugh.

A team of Blizzard Entertainment’s veteran designers, writers, and artists talk about World of Warcraft: Legion, and the exciting content that will be leading up to its launch. The panelists include Dave Kosak (narrative designer, World of Warcraft), Chris Robinson (senior art director, World of Warcraft), Matt Samia (senior creative director of brand marketing), and James Waugh (director of story & creative development). The panelists will also take part in a Q&A session, where you can ask all your burning questions about the Burning Legion.

Check out this short Harbingers teaser trailer to get you pumped up: