Arma III Gets New Apex Expansion; Update 1.62 Has A Massive Changelog, Adds A Lot Of New Features


Bohemia Interactive have released the latest expansion for Arma III, titled Apex.

The Apex expansion adds a brand new area, Tanoa, 13 weapons, 10 vehicles, and a new co-op campaign that you can complete with a friend. The expansion doesn’t come alone though, as it comes with update 1.62, which will vary in size from 1.5GB to 9.6GB depending on whether you own the expansion or not.

The update adds dozens of new features, as well fixing, tweaking and improving several parts of the game.

Here is some of the highlights:

  • Added: Tanoa terrain*
  • Added: More than 600 terrain structures*
  • Added: More than 200 signs, 25 rocks and 100 trees, bushes and clutters*
  • Added: V-44 X Blackfish VTOL*
  • Added: Y-32 Xi’an VTOL*
  • Added: Prowler LSV*
  • Added: Qilin LSV*
  • Added: MQ-12 Falcon Drone*
  • Added: KH-3A Fenghuang Drone*
  • Added: MB 4WD Offroad Car*
  • Added: Caesar TBB Propeller Plane*
  • Added: RHIB Boat*
  • Added: Water Scooter*
  • Added: AKS-74U 5.45 mm Assault Rifle*
  • Added: AKM 7.62 mm Assault Rifle*
  • Added: AK-12 7.62 mm Assault Rifle*
  • Added: LIM-85 5.56 mm Machine Gun*
  • Added: RPG-7 Launcher*
  • Added: PM 9 mm Pistol*
  • Added: SPAR-16/S 5.56 mm Assault Rifles*
  • Added: SPAR-17 7.62 mm Marksman Rifle*
  • Added: CAR-95(-1) 5.8 mm Assault Rifle & Light Support Weapon*
  • Added: Type 115 6.5 mm / .50 cal Assault Rifle*
  • Added: CMR-76 6.5 mm Marksman Rifle*
  • Added: Protector 9 mm Sub-Machine Gun*
  • Added: ERCO Optics*
  • Added: Various new gear items (regular and thermal-masking uniforms, clothes, headgear, backpacks, NVGs (Night Vision Goggles), and more*
  • Added: Apex Protocol 1-4 player co-op campaign*
  • Added: Showcase End Game*
  • Added: End Game 24 Balavu*
  • Added: End Game 16 Moddergat*

* Content requires ownership of the Arma 3 Apex expansion.

  • Tweaked: The Main Menu was overhauled
  • Tweaked: Environmental Audio was enhanced (ambient configuration, positional ambient sounds)
  • Tweaked: The Revive feature was overhauled

Also, check out the expansion’s trailer below: