F1 2016 Multiplayer Trailer Released; Will Support 22-Player Matches


Codemasters’ long-running Formula 1 franchise is getting a full 22-player multiplayer races.

F1 2016 received a brand new multiplayer trailer, showcasing different parts of the game that were improved or changed, such as the garage, pit lane, grid and the track. In the press release, they talked about the new features added to the game like Safety Car, Virtual Safety Car, manual race starts and allowing players to manually control pit entry.

Codemasters has previously announced that both the Safety Car and Virtual Safety Car will feature in this year’s game and they will be complemented by the addition of manual race starts adding to the pressure on the driver as they sit on the grid. They will have to engage the clutch and balance the revs as they wait for the lights to go out. Reaction times are vital to avoid a jump start by going too early or getting stuck on the grid as the anti stall engages.

The driver will also be able to have manual control over their pit lane entry and braking as they look to minimise the time they lose when pitting. They will also need to brake in time to avoid a penalty for speeding in the pit lane, which also features in this year’s game along with the inclusion of the new five second pit stop penalty.

F1 2016 releases on August 19 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Check out the multiplayer trailer below: