EA Belives Mirror’s Edge Catalyst “Definitely Meeting Our Expectations”


Electronic Arts’ Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has been out for around a month now, and the studio is pretty pleased with how it’s doing.

Games Industry was able to sit down with EA’s Executive VP of Global Publishing Laura Miele back during EA Play, and asked her if she thinks that Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s launch and performance so far satisfies and meets the expectations the studio has set for the game.

“We are pretty happy to bring this character and this world to market. It’s a big open world game, so we made a lot of evolution from the original experience and we’re very proud of that. I also think that Mirror’s Edge as a game IP – we talked earlier about the EA Originals, about having creative content, having a first person action game, having Faith and her story and character as a mix in the industry, is important for us. I think it’s important for EA to continue to do all games, big and small, and I’m really proud that we stayed committed to bringing that game to market.”

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst performed well in its debut week, coming in second behind Overwatch, which is understandable of course.