Inside Dev Talks On Possibility Of PS4 Version; Wants To Get It In The “Hands Of As Many Gamers As Possible”


Playdead’s latest psychological platformer Inside has taken the world by storm, and it only released a week ago.

The game is currently only available on Xbox One, since it was planned to be “first on Xbox One.” However, the developer didn’t reveal its plans on whether or not they will bring it Sony’s PlayStation 4. In a recent interview with Push Square, one of Playdead’s staff said that they want to get their game “into the hands of as many gamers as possible,” which means there is hope.

“Our goal is of course to get Inside into the hands of as many gamers as possible, but we can’t say anything about other potential platforms at this point.”

The same was done with Limbo, releasing first on Xbox 360 in July 2010, and now it’s almost on every platform it can be on. We wish to see Playdead’s latest creation soon on PS4, because I personally loved Limbo’s art style and tense puzzles.