Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Mod “Getting To A Really Playable State”

Just Cause 3 Expansion 4

Looks like Avalanche Studios’ crazy, explosive and chaotic game, Just Cause 3, might get a multiplayer mod soon.

The same team that created Just Cause 2’s multiplayer mod, modding team Nanos, have been working on Just Cause 3’s for a while now. Recently, they released a development blog post, talking about how the progression and how things are going with its state.

While testing bugs were found which resulted in a lot of bugfixing and trying to minimize crashes. We’re slowly getting to a really playable state, as we were able to play for about an hour without a single crash or timeout. For an early development stage as the current one this is quite good.

Furthermore, we have started working on implementing a main menu (server browser, etc.) to the game. This also required changing our CEF implementation to make it safer (e.g. disabling interferring with our client menu by scripts, which is also based on CEF).

There is still no set release date to when the mod will actually release, however, they confirmed earlier that it’s going to release later this year.