Killer Instinct Season 4 Might Have Characters From Other Games Like Crackdown and Perfect Dark; Survey Available

Killer Instinct

Microsoft’s fighting game, Killer Instinct, is about to enter its fourth season, and they want your opinion on which characters should be added.

Iron Galaxy Studios shared a new survey that asks Killer Instinct players which characters do they want to see get added to the game.

We need the Community’s help in shaping the future of Killer Instinct.

Your feedback will be taken directly to the developers at Iron Galaxy Studios and Microsoft Game Studios to help make Killer Instinct even better! Please be as direct and honest as possible!

The Survey will close on 7/5 so be sure to get your responses in ASAP!

The nine characters available to choose in the survey are Lovecraftian, Djinn, Halo Brute, Wendigo, Eyedol, Magic Archer, Eagle, Crackdown Agent and finally, Joanna Dark. There are a total of three characters that come from different IPs and they are Crackdown Agent, Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark and Halo Brute.

The studio also asked players what do they want them to focus more on when it comes to Costumes, Character Taunts, Accessories, Shadow Lab Slots, Ultimates/No Mercys, Colors and Character Icons.

Today is the last of the survey so hurry up and choose what you want to see get added to Killer Instinct.