The Last Guardian Dev Ueda: “Still Trying To Find Balance” For Trico’s Behaviour; Refers To Why He Left Sony


A couple of weeks ago, we got the confirmation that The Last Guardian is definitely releasing in 2016, as well as some gameplay details, like not being to fully control Trico.

Luckily, Ueda was featured recently in an interview with The Guardian, in which he answered a question regarding the topic. He said that the studio is still “fine-tuning Trico’s behaviours,” since he is unique and has his own behavior. Ueda continued to justify their decision to not make Trico fully controllable.

“To be honest, we’re still fine-tuning Trico’s behaviours, there are two extremes – if you can fully control a character, what’s the point? It becomes a pet. But at the opposite end if you can’t control it at all it becomes a nuisance, a barrier to progression. We’re still trying to find the balance.”

When asked about what the development process of The Last Guardian taught him, he said that there “was a lot of learning” involved in the process, and in the end he says a sentence that can be understood as a reference to why he and Sony took separate paths.

“There was a lot of learning, it’s hard to explain, to describe it in words at this moment, but maybe if there’s one thing…”he stops, smiles and chats with the translator for a couple of minutes “In life, there are always things that mesh well, and things that don’t. In various ways that applies to what we’ve done in the last few years.”

The Last Guardian releases on October 25th exclusively on PS4.