Blizzard Honors Chinese Overwatch Fan After He Passed Away Chasing A Motorbike Thief


In the recent Overwatch update, which added Competitive Play mode, Blizzard Entertainment was kind enough to include something that wasn’t in the changelog.

The China-themed map in Overwatch, Lijiang Tower, was updated too, to include a special message above one of the spacesuits featured on the map. Reddit user Rebirdhk was one of the first to notice the easter egg, and translated the message to those who wanted to know what it means.

On the Control Center map of Lijiang Tower, the name “宏宇” (Hongyu) is added to one of the space suit on the red side. The phrase “英雄不朽” (Heroes never die) is also added to the background behind it.

This is to honor the death of a young Chinese Overwatch player, Hongyu Wu (吴宏宇), who unfortunately sacrificed his life when he bravely chased after a motorbike thief on the 23rd of May, 2016.

The criminal was arrested eventually, but we lost a brave young soul forever. May he rest in peace.

Blizzard confirmed Rebirdhk’s explanation with a statement to Polygon.

We added that in remembrance of a brave member of our community.

We send out the dearest condolences to Hongyu Wu’s family. He died a hero, and will forever be remembered every time we play in Lijiang Tower.