Gran Turismo Creator Happy PS3 Era Is Over; It Was “Sort Of A Nightmare” Due To Limitations


Now we will see the true potential of the Gran Turismo franchise.

In a recent interview with GameSpotGran Turismo Creator and Polyphony Digital Founder Kazunori Yamauchi expressed their thoughts on last-gen consoles, and how PlayStation 3 didn’t give them much space for improvement and limited the game’s capabilities.

“The age of the PS3 for us was sort of a nightmare. We really had to deal with this situation for a while where, ‘This is what we want to achieve, but all we can do is this.’ So there was a lot of frustration that was built up. The PS3 hardware is something that, at first glance, looks like it’s able to do this certain level of things, but in actuality, it can’t.”

“In terms of development, it was really really difficult and the games, after all the development efforts were put into it, were very very low. I think it was just that the balance as a piece of hardware wasn’t very good. But the PS4 is so good. This time we’re really able to do and achieve what we want to do, so it’s really fun.”

Yamauchi added that they could have simply named it Gran Turismo 7 instead of Sport, since the game has a lot of different features than the previous games. He laughed and said: “Now that I look back and think about it, I think I actually could have called it 7.

Gran Turismo Sport releases on November 15 in North America exclusively for PS4.