Sony Banned PSN User Because His Name Is “Jihad”

Unfortunately for one PSN user, his name got him into a lot of trouble.

PSN user, Jihad Al-Mofadda, a Saudi Arabian gamer, recently had his account banned due to infringement of the network’s terms of service. His username is “iJihaD,” and he claims that he has been using it since 2010, so it’s not a brand new account.

Below you can see the two emails Jihad received from Sony explaining the details of his ban, one of them is notifying him of his account being banned and the other is a response to his email, in which he tried to explain the naming of his PSN account.

Jihad went to Reddit and Twitter to update everyone with everything that happened throughout the procedure of getting his account back, and this is the latest update:

Playstation UK (where my account was under) Contacted me via Twitter then they called me. I was offered to change the PSN ID, but that has it costs! My Trophies will have Syncing problems and could disappear, Friends are gone and social communication is deleted! There’s no other way to it. The other interesting thing, he made the change from iJihad to Jiii— in just 2 seconds over the phone call! It’s not rocket science but it needs much technical improvements. (Noting my trophies are ZERO now after syncing)

They have told me that it was auto system checking (Which I find difficult to believe considering it’s around 7 years accounts) and no one has an opinion in it!

He have also mentioned that they are discussing developing a system to allow name changes to all, still in the discussions though!

We hope Sony improves their terms of service because all he did was use his real name as part of his PSN username.