Car Manufacturer Ford Uses Firewatch Art to Advertise Sale Without Consent From Campo Santo


Campo Santo’s Firewatch is a beautiful game with its own unique atmosphere, and maybe that’s why car industry giant, Ford, decided to use one of the game’s art in their recent advertisement.

Ford used a couple pieces of artwork that clearly belong to Firewatch, but the main problem is that they were used without any consent from Campo Santo.

Co-Founder of the studio Sean Vanaman expressed his anger on Twitter.

Game Informer tried to reach Quirk Ford of Quincy, but was redirected to Sean Western, who works in Ford’s advertising department. He said:

“I guess that whoever made the email blast must have grabbed it from the website or something.”

“We [Quirk Ford of Quincy, Massachusetts] always use DMCA compliant sites when getting images.”

Vanaman responded to his comments by saying that the artwork used belong to Campo Santo’s and were used without consent.

“That “Update” is bs as their mailer actually includes elements from our old website that aren’t available on any wallpaper site.”

Below you can see the advertisement, on the right, and the original artwork, on the left.