Street Fighter V June Update Adds Balrog And Ibuki; Releases On July 1

street fighter v

Capcom‘s Street Fighter V is getting a couple of new fighters with its upcoming July update.

Street Fighter V upcoming update will release on Friday, July 1 at 12:01am PT and it adds new content to the game as well as two new fighters, Balrog and Ibuki. New content includes:

  • Cinematic Story Mode Expansion
  • Addition of micro-transactions
  • Lots of matchmaking improvements
  • A re-imagination of the famous Las Vegas stage from Street Fighter II
  • Ability to purchase Story Mode costumes and premium Battle Costumes

Check out Balrog’s moves alongside his reveal trailer, which teases the reveal of Juri and Urien, two fighters that are included in the Cinematic Story Mode Expansion.

V-Skill: KKB

A unique move that twirls his body while moving forward. While activated, you can dodge projectiles as well as string together attacks. You can even activate KKB before a special hits you, allowing you to be a technical inside fighter.

V-Trigger: Crazy Rush

A chance to be the aggressor when activated! Steam rises from his body and allows you to string together specials like Charging Buffalo and Bursting Buffalo.

Critical Art: Gigaton Blow

Unleash the fury from your fist with this simple, yet destructive critical art. It can be connected with various moves. Make sure to include it in your combos.