Multiple Developers Express Their Opinion On E3 Leaks


Every year we get some leaks prior to E3, some turn out to be true and others turn out to be complete rumors, but this year, we had tons of new announcements and such leaked before E3, and most of them turned out to be true.

GamesRadar got the chance to sit down with several developers and publishers and ask them their opinion on the matter. Some were positive towards it while others saw that it takes away the element of surprise and doesn’t allow developers to show off something they have been working so hard on.

Dishonored 2‘s Harvey Smith said:

Those people are participating with the games industry in the way they want to. It’s okay because you know this is inside baseball, and how many people saw the leak really? Millions see the gameplay trailer in the end.

Sometimes it sucks because you want people to see it in its best form.

Watch Dogs 2 Senior Producer Dominic Guay sees that it’s part of the industry and an inevitable consequence of how many people work in it.

“For the team it’s annoying because we don’t talk about the game even with our friends too much.”

“It happens in all medias, it happens for movies, in a sense it’s a symptom that games are big.”

Titanfall 2 and Respawn Entertainment’s Vince Zampella expressed his frustration when there were leaks regarding the addition of a brand new campaign to Titanfall 2.

“If it had been the multiplayer it’s not as bad because people knew we have that. Even though [the single player] was rumored and talked about, that was the big ‘hey, and here we have it!’ and that was spoiled.”

What do you personally think about leaks prior to official announcements?