Respawn Wants Titanfall 2 to “Appeal to as Many People as Possible;” Multiplayer And Campaign Have “Different Audiences”


We recently talked about how Respawn Entertainment is going to give away any future DLC related to Titanfall 2 for free, which I guess is part of the studio’s plan to “appeal to as many people as possible.”

In an interview with Eurogamer, Respawn Entertainment Boss Vince Zampella said that the reason they decided to go with a brand new campaign mode, improved multiplayer and more, is because they want to “appeal to as many people as possible.” Lead Single-Player Designer Mackey McCandlish also talked about how campaign players got very vocal once it was removed, and that’s why they brought it back.

“For as long as there were single-player campaigns, no one got too upset. There were people really into competitive multiplayer who said, “I don’t know why they bother.””

“But then we took the campaign and suddenly people come out the woodwork, like ‘what did you do with the campaign?!’, like some dark matter of players out there who got all vocal. It’s different audiences.”

Zampella added by saying that the campaign’s story has to do with the universe, and that they received overall positive signs when they teased it within the multiplayer.

“I think it has to do with the universe. We tried to put some of that into the multiplayer first time around and teased it, and people’s interest was piqued.”

Titanfall 2 releases on October 28 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.