Mighty No. 9 Ray DLC Delayed In Europe “For a Few Days”


Mighty No. 9 finally saw the light, however, the game’s Ray DLC is getting delayed for a few days for those in Europe, specifically for PS3 and PS4.

Comcept has announced that the delay is due to some minor issues concerning the DLC, and that it was flagged by SIEE.

“We do have one piece of bad news for our European backers. We had word last night from Deep Silver that a minor issue with the Vermilion Destroyer (RAY) DLC for PS3/PS4 was flagged by SIEE and was regressed from gold status as a result. This means that the DLC will not be available for a few days as Deep Silver and SIEE address the problem.”

The studio also detailed some the reported issues by backers and offered solutions to help their fans solve them as soon as possible so they can enjoy the game.

DLC keys delivered without the Main Game Product Key

This issue is most likely caused by the errors described above related to the email entries [where typos/encoding errors occurred. The Humble Bundle team has fixed most of them].

Our support teams are checking everyone’s data and distributing any missing codes.

If the proper codes are still not displaying on your account, please contact Humble Bundle’s support
to solve any further issues.

Delivered code is for a different platform/region from what was chosen on the survey

For any such issues, please contact the Humble Bundle support staff. They have the survey results on hand so they can check that against the codes being distributed in their system and clear up the issue.

Missing DLC Keys

Our support teams are aware of this issue, and have been working to correct any discrepancies. If your account is still not displaying the correct keys, please contact Humble Bundle support to clear up any remaining issues.

No Keys received

Regarding this issue, it is necessary to check each of these issues separately in order to confirm each backer’s status. We are working through them now as fast as we can.

Note: We have noticed a number of users who backed for less than $20 claiming this issue. Please remember that a digital copy of the game is only included for backers who pledged $20 or higher.