All Titanfall 2 DLC Maps & Modes Are Free; Ensure Community Won’t Be Split


Earlier this month, Respawn Entertainment announced that any DLC that will be released for Titanfall 2 will be free for all players.

However, we didn’t get any specific reason as to why the studio decided to go down that path. In an interview featured on GamesRadar, Respawn Co-Founder Vince Zampella and Producer Drew McCoy said that there were a couple of reasons, mainly in order not to split the community and give players the best experience for the game’s price of $60.

Zampella: We’re giving away all the maps and modes…we don’t want to split the community.

McCoy: We need to trust the player and they need to trust us…Trust that if we do the right thing – not sell maps and modes – we’ll get more people investing with us, investing in the game as a whole. They’re going to trust us not screw them over and they can be happy with their $60 versions.

I hope more developers go down the same route as Respawn’s and we start seeing a lot more games with free and good post-launch content. Titanfall 2 is set to release on October 28 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.