God of War’s E3 Demo Is The Beginning Of The Game; May Be Different In The Final Product


One of the biggest surprises of E3 2016 was the reveal of Sony Santa Monica’s God of War.

Creative Director Cory Barlog was featured in a recent interview with Venture Beat, where he talked specifically about the part that was showcased in the E3 reveal. That part was from the beginning of the game, but “what actually happens on that hunt is very different.”

“It’s the beginning of the game. The events that transpire here are very specific to the demo. What actually happens on that hunt is very different. It sets up the call to action and the remainder of the story. But we wanted to tell a complete story in this demo, to have a beginning and a middle and an end, so you could see the development of the kid. By the end, Kratos’ influence has changed him.”

He continued to explain why they decided to simply go with God of War, instead of God of War 4.

“The decision not to put a four at the end was deliberate. The seven games we did in the Greek era — marking the eras of God of War and the mythologies we’re exploring, Kratos moving to the Norse era is a kind of [a] B.C. to A.D. changeover. It almost resets the clock. Both Kratos and the team are kind of refreshing and reimagining, cleaning the slate. Kratos is our through line, our constant through all of it, but otherwise, we’re starting from scratch. A number would take away from that. It would seem like just another sequel.”

Finally, Barlog talked about the axe that was shown and if there was more weapons for Kratos to play with. He replied with a “maybe,” but said that the axe has “a history, a connection to their family, and a connection to other characters in the game. It’s a very important artifact in the overall story.”