Campo Santo Discusses The Opportunity Of Releasing Firewatch Physically


Campo Santo’s Firewatch is a beautiful game with its unique presentation and personality, but will we see it release physically?

Firewatch released digitally back in February, and received overall good reviews and done well in terms of sales, which raised the opportunity of releasing the game physically. Speaking to MCV UK, Composer Chris Remo said that a physical version was requested from the studio “a lot,” but they are waiting till the right situation presents itself or they have “the time and resource to do it.”

“We love making physical things for sure. And people have asked us about a boxed version a lot. We’d like to do it, but it’s a matter of the right situation presenting itself or us just finding the time and resource to do it. It’s probably mainly a logistical issue.”

“We don’t have any specific plans for it at this point. But if the right way to do it comes along or if we have some crazy idea that we talk ourselves into as described with the photo thing, that would probably increase the likelihood of it happening.”

If you haven’t tried out Firewatch yet, would you do it if they release it physically?