Ubisoft Shuts Down Ubisoft Casablanca Studio


Developer and publisher Ubisoft has announced they are shutting down their Casablanca department in Morocco.

The studio was established in  April 1998, and was mainly responsible for bringing lots of games to handheld and portable game devices. These games include Rayman Legends, Valiant Hearts and Child of Light, all of which did reasonably well.

Ubisoft’s Mobile Executive Jean-Michel Detoc revealed in a press release the reasons they are shutting down the 18 year old studio, and that’s because they can’t “find a sustainable formula for the studio” in their broader network.

“Ubisoft Casablanca has been part of Ubisoft for 18 years, and contributed to a lot of memorable games over the years, especially on portable consoles. Unfortunately, as the video game market evolved in the past few years, we didn’t find a sustainable formula for the studio within our broader network. We thank the Casablanca team for their hard work throughout the years.”

Ubisoft Casablanca had around 50 people working there, and currently Ubisoft is trying their best to assist and guide them to other career opportunities elsewhere in the industry.