Homefront: The Revolution Game-Breaking Bug Fixed In Next Update; Live On PS4, Soon On Xbox One

homefront the revolution screenshot

Remember the game-breaking bug that prevented players from surpassing a certain part of Homefront: The Revolution’s campaign? Well, it’s finally getting fixed.

Developer Dambuster Studios has finally figured out a way to fix it, it will be patched in the upcoming update, which was supposed to release this week but the developer wanted to test it carefully and made sure it worked before rolling it out.

Update 1.4 will also feature new features and fixes to already existing ones, such as fixing the missing map icons after update 1.3 and you will now be informed whenever the game is saving.

The patch is currently live on the PS4, with Xbox One’s still in testing. Check out the patch’s preview below:

· Save Stalls – We have optimized the number of checkpoint save locations throughout the single player campaign. This means that the short ‘pauses’ that the player encounters are reduced and the game will now inform you that it is saving.

There will also be further optimizations in an upcoming patch.

· Missing Map Icons – Players who were missing icons after updating to the v1.03 patch should now see their progress restored. You should now be able to continue your game, however there may be some slight inconsistencies with the hearts & minds stats.

· Crash Fixes – We have fixed many crash related issues across all platforms

· Multicore CPU’s (PC) – PC players should now see better performance from their CPU. We fixed an issue that meant multicore CPU’s were not being fully utilized.

The team have all worked tremendously hard and are already working on further patches that will contain even more reported issues and fixes.

Some of these will include:

SLI Fixes

Fix for Hearts & Minds progress in the Ashgate District not progressing correctly

Fix for non-english characters used in login names

These will join many other fixes which we will release when that patch goes live.

Resistance Mode Content

This weekend, we are dropping 2 new outfits for your Resistance Mode character. “Back from the Dead” and “Crash Landing” that will be available from the ‘Veteran Gear Crate’. Alongside the outfits, 2 new Boosters and 3 new Pharmas will make there way into the Armory.


– Cash +20%

– XP + 20%


– Pussycats

– Silent Movement

– Cuttlefish

– Less chance of being targeted

– Coags (increased bleed out time)