Splatoon Will Get Eight New And Free Weapons Next Week


Ever since Splatoon launched in May of last year, Nintendo has done its absolute best to try and support the game, since it was able to sell over 4.2 Million units in less than a year.

This time, on Splatoon’s first year anniversary, Nintendo announced that an extra eight new weapons will be added to the game on June the 7th as a free update. The weapon pack is called “Sheldon’s Pick Vol. 2,” since it is the second update to include eight new weapons. The first one released back in April.


“The long-awaited release of Sheldon’s Picks Vol. 2 is finally confirmed! Coming the evening of June 7th, we heard that the new weapon combinations may allow you to discover even more new battle strategies. We’ll let you know more details on the upcoming weapons once Sheldon gives us more info!”
Nintendo isn’t done celebrating Splatoon’s first year, as there will be new amiibos and a new console bundle available for purchase in July. This franchise is doing great for Nintendo, and they are doing the right thing by giving it their full support.