Sony Europe Details Some Shadow Of The Beast Easter Eggs

Shadow of the Beast

For those of you who don’t know, Shadow Of The Beast originally released back in 1989. However, its remake was released about a week ago for the PS4, and Sony Europe decided to share with us some easter eggs they put in it.

Developer Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs included a lot of references to the 1989 version of the game, which was expected. Sony Europe shared the available easter eggs in Shadow Of The Beast, which can be bought through “Wisdom of Shadows” menu by spending Mana points.

  • Roger Dean’s original artwork: Dean, most known for his fantasy landscapes and album covers for musicians, contributed a high-resolution scan of original artwork he made for the Amiga version of Shadow of the Beast, which you can access in-game.
  • Original score: The entire soundtrack (done by David Whittaker) for the first game is unlock able to play in-game.
  • Shadow of the Beast (Amiga/1989): The Amiga version of Shadow of the Beast is unlock able and can be played in its entirety via emulation in-game.
  • Subtitles: With five different languages being spoken throughout the game,  you won’t be able to understand any until you unlock the subtitles for each.
  • Retrospective: A text and illustrated retrospective for the entire series has been created by the team at Heavy Spectrum to inform new players and act as a love letter to the original game.