Battleborn’s Sales Is “Tracking Just Ahead Of Where Borderlands Was” At The Same Time


Gearbox’s Battleborn launched earlier this month, and since then the game’s sales has been growing steadily.

The studio expressed its happiness with their game’s launch performance, and when they compared it with the original Borderlands’ release numbers, Battleborn was actually “tracking just ahead of where Borderlands was on the sales,” creative director Randy Varnell said on Twitch.

“We do a lot of comparisons back to the first Borderlands back in 2009. That launch felt similar to us. Ultimately Borderlands was extremely successful new game for us. Borderlands 1 went on to sell almost 8m units in its lifetime. Battleborn is actually tracking just ahead of where Borderlands was on the sales. We think it’s going to be a game that works like that – a decent, solid launch and we’re seeing steady and growing user counts on all three platforms and we’re hoping that word of mouth is going to take us even further.”

“We’re seeing growth every day at a steady rate after a big burst of people at launch. Hopefully we’ll continue to see that go up.”

It’s easy to see that the game is doing pretty, since it topped the UK charts this week in its debut.