Grand Theft Auto IV: Stories Coming to Vita?

If there's one thing gamers enjoy, it's seeing cool new stories taking place in familiar settings. It's in this spirit that the Grand Theft Auto Stories games are created, and they've been a success with GTA fans in the past. But while fans have been wondering where Grand Theft Auto IV: Stories was, Rockstar may have been getting it ready for a Vita release.

GTA Coming to Vita?

According to an anonymous tip from someone working closely with the folks at Rockstar, the game will be coming out on Vita and will feature the Liberty City that we know from GTA IV. However, it'll feature new characters and stories, and may even feature some Downloadable Content in the future. The source also mentions that the game may have been in development for some time, and will likely be released before you would expect.

As of now, it's just a rumor. But if it does turn out to be true, I want more talk radio stations featured prominently. Listening to fake politicians debate on the radio while driving maniacally through the streets of Liberty City is a real treat.


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