Xbox Live Marketplace to Pull ‘Gun-Like’ Props

Looks like Microsoft is taking their focus on family gaming very seriously, with all gun props for avatars being pulled from the Marketplace as of January 1st.

According to a post made by Epic Games’ community manager on the Epic Games community forums, a new ‘no guns’ policy will be taking effect very soon.

“Heads up! Starting on Jan. 1, 2012, the Lancer and Hammerburst avatar items will no longer be available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. If you’ve purchased the items prior to Jan. 1, you will be able to keep them. A new policy goes into effect for all gun-like avatar items on the Marketplace, so get them while they’re hot."

As mentioned by the community manager, those of you who’ve already purchased or own gun props will get to keep and still use them – this policy only effects the Xbox Live Marketplace, which will be pulling all ‘gun-like’ props when the policy goes into effect.

Given that Xbox’s are used to play games that tend to include guns, you’d think this was all a bit silly, wouldn’t you?


[Epic Games Community via SaveGameOnline]