The Descendant Debuts New Gameplay Trailer

Brace yourself: The Descendant just dropped a new gameplay trailer and it’s eerie as heck. The Descendant follows two protagonists who must protect several thousand of humanity’s last remaining descendants after an apocalyptic climate change event. It’s sort of like The Last of Us in a different post-apocalyptic setting, from what we’ve gathered, especially since you play as both characters and alternate timelines throughout the game.

The animation style is noteworthy. The overall look is reminiscent of a lot of Telltale fare, especially The Wolf Among Us. Gaming Corps, the developer behind the game, has suggested that choice plays an important role in the game and impacts which characters live or die, so it bears more than just a striking resemblance to Telltale’s games. Others in the community forum pointed out its likeness to Fallout 4. Back in January, community forum members actually worried that the game would be a “carbon copy of a Telltale game” but it looks like the gameplay trailer was designed to combat these claims.

Whether these myriad similarities to other games will make The Descendant feel derivative or not will be up to players when the game drops next month (and hey, there are plenty of games that are still fun even if they’re not exactly unique). As of right now, comments on their Steam page seem to be overall positive, with most people expressing interest in the gameplay and artwork. It seems like space games aren’t going to get old any time soon which is fine by us.

The Descendant debuts on March 24 for PC via Steam.