Tron Run/R Is a Platformer And Racing Hybrid That’s Out Now For PC And PS4

Disney has released a new game inspired by the iconic Tron films, which were themselves inspired heavily by games, for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Tron Run/r is an action adventure runner hybrid that combines platforming and racing. Rather than attempt to mimic the best qualities of popular endless runner titles such as Temple Run, the game is more akin to the Bit.Trip Runner games, though it lacks the rhythm and music mechanics of those titles.

Taking the fast-paced gameplay and platforming of that series, the game coats it all in the visually striking aesthetics of the Tron universe. While it may seem formulaic at first glance, it does a good job of creating a high-octane mix of arcade action and rapid gameplay. The above trailer will give you some idea of what to expect.

Aside from its running mode, Tron Run/r also features a Light Cycle mode which operates as a time-trial in which players race along a digital highway and zap through arches that add time of the game’s countdown clock as you push to reach the finish line before the timer counts down to zero.

Tron Run/r is available for $20/£15 through the PlayStation Store and Steam. An Xbox One version of the game is set to be released soon.

Initially announced at the 2015 Game Awards, Tron Run/r includes music from EDM musicians Raney Shockne and Giorgio Moroder. A range of remixes offered in the game were written by artists including Plaid, Autechre, Darkstar, Bibio, and Joywave.

It may not be the same as a new Tron movie but it’s better than nothing, right?