Star Citizen and Squadron 42 Purchase Options Revealed


Last month, Cloud Imperium Games stated that they would make it so that new customers could opt to buy Star Citizen and its persistent online universe, and single player campaign Squadron 42, separately. Now, they have revealed the purchase details available.

You can choose to buy either Star Citizen or Squadron 42 for only $ 45. If you decide you want to complete your copy of the game, you need only add another $ 15 to get the other half, rounding this off to the standard $ 60 game retail price.

Whichever you choose to purchase, you will still be using the same game client, and assets and other elements remain the same. This is a good option for fans who don’t have the online connections to play Star Citizen‘s persistent universe but want to play just Squadron 42. Of course, if you wanted to get the persistent universe and not pay extra for the single player campaign, you can do that too.

If you backed or bought the game before February 14, this does not affect your purchase. You are still getting Star Citizen and Squadron 42 in one package for however you paid for it. If you do choose to buy Squadron 42 on its own, you also get Arena Commander.

Star Citizen is in development for PC, on Windows and Linux. Squadron 42 is planned for release this year. You can watch Mark HamillGary Oldman, and Gillian Anderson talking about working on Squadron 42. CIG recently went past the $ 100 million crowdfunding mark. Chris Roberts also made the amazing revelation that CIG’s studios are working on the game every 24 hours.