The Newest Pokémon Is Man-Made And Suggests New Games Are On The Way

Japanese magazine Coro Coro has revealed a new “man-made Pokémon named Magiana.

The announcement strongly suggests new major Pokémon games for 3DS are being developed. That part shouldn’t be terribly surprising to anyone and it is the 20th anniversary year of the franchise, after all.

Magiana is the first new pocket monster not to be included in the data contained within the last generations of games – Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, as well as X and Y. New Pokémon are always ‘hidden’ within the code of the games until The Pokémon Company is ready to distribute them via a special event. This is how it’s always been done but Magiana isn’t there, suggesting we are indeed looking at the future of the series.

Volcanion, the first dual Water and Fire type Pokémon, is the last of the current generation. Back in the early days of the series new Pokémon such as Ho-Oh and Togepi were announced while the earlier generation was still being supported – when those Pokémon were revealed Yellow had not yet been released and it would be some time before players got their hands on them in Gold and Silver.

Both Magiana and Volcanion are set to be officially unveiled in the next Pokémon movie. The former may make its first game appearance in Pokémon Z (if it’s being developed) or the next generation of the series, which will be the seventh. Given the anniversary, that seems somewhat more fitting.

Mewtwo is another famous man-made Pokémon but, hopefully, things work out better for everyone involved this time round.

Pokemon Magiana