Hitman’s Beta Will Require An Internet Connection But The Final Game Won’t

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Square Enix has announced that Hitman’s beta, which begins this week, will necessitate a permanent internet connection but the final game will not.

In a statement to VideoGamer.com today, the publisher commented, “Yes you can play the full game offline after you have downloaded an episode but there are live elements which you will need to access online.”

Speculation about the game’s internet requirements arose following the posting of an FAQ by developer IO Interactive yesterday. The FAQ stated that players would require an internet connection to download the beta and play it throughout its duration.

The ‘live elements’ featured in the game include new weekly and monthly Contracts, as well as additional outfits and weapons. All live content will be released freely for all players.

In order to join the beta, you’ll need to pre-order the game’s Intro Pack, Full Experience, or the Collector’s Edition – which is available from the Square Enix Store. Physical pre-orders for the game do not offer access to the beta.

Hitman’s closed beta will be available on PlayStation 4 from 10:00 GMT/05:00 Eastern/02:00 Pacific on Friday, February 19th and includes the game’s Prologue mission. PC players will be able to join on February 15th.

The first chapter of the game, which offers the Prologue mission and the Paris level, releases on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on March 11th. Additional chapters will be released throughout the year in the run up to the physical release. PS4 players will have access to six exclusive contracts in the Sarajevo Six missions.